You Know You’re a Medical Assistant When…

Medical scrubs in every colorThe duties of medical assistants can vary based on the facility they work in, but a typical job description includes everything from assisting the physician with patient examinations to recording a patient’s medical history. 

The hard work of medical assistants should not go unnoticed- they deal with everything from blood and bruises to scheduling and shift changes. Below are a few of the ways you know you’re a medical assistant.

  • Your hands are constantly dry from washing them so much at work. Thank goodness for intensive therapy hand lotion!
  • Your closet consists mainly of scrubs- in every color of the rainbow. At least it saves time in the morning.
  • Your arms are often bruised from letting the interns give you shots. Purple is the new black.
  • You find yourself using “You’ve got nice veins” as a pick-up line. This might be why your profile isn’t getting any responses.
  • You refer to holiday season as “flu season” instead. Happy Holidays!
  • You notice now muscular your legs have gotten from spending all day on your feet. Impressive!
  • You assume the new slang abbreviations stand for medical terms. You mean to tell me BP stands for Beer Pong and not Blood Pressure? PSA stands for Public Service Announcement and not Prostate-Specific Antigen? RT stands for Re-Tweet and not Radiation Therapy?
  • You finally understand the importance of being on time, and you think less of those who are constantly late to appointments.
  • You scream at the TV about the various inaccuracies on primetime medical shows.
  • A genuine “thank you” from a favorite patient brings a tear to your eye.
  • You’ve become a pro at removing stains. Who knew scrubs could get dirty that easily?
  • You find yourself ranking attractiveness based on how nice their veins are.