You Know You’re a CNA/PCT When…

become a CNA or PCTThe duties they provide range from assisting patients with walking, bathing and eating to managing patient records. CNAs and PCTs work hard, and often find themselves easily relating to each other with their on-the-job stories and unique patients.

Here are just a few ways you know you’re a CNA or PCT.

  • Someone complains about their 8-hour shift, you roll your eyes. 12-hour shifts are no joke!
  • You find the irony that most patients are not, in fact, very “patient”.
  • Nothing grosses you out. You can immediately clean up a patient that got sick and head straight to lunch.
  • Your residents become like family to you and you wonder how they are doing after your shift is over.
  • There’s no need for a gym membership when you’re moving heavy patients all day and constantly running around.
  • You can make a bed in five minutes flat. It’s impressive.
  • Your idea of “fashion forward” is scrubs with flowers on them.
  • You wash your hands before and after you use the bathroom.
  • You instinctively knock before entering any room. Including your own bedroom.
  • You are aware of how much water you drink daily because you measure it in CC’s.
  • You find yourself putting gloves on to clean your home. It’s clearly become a habit.